Why Landstar?

“People are entitled to joy in their work and a sense of ownership”
With more than 30 yrs experience, Landstar has become the nation’s most successful Owner Operator based transportation provider, servicing thousands of customers all over the world. Landstar’s business model is simple yet very effective and prosperous.
Partner with only the safest, most customer service oriented Owner Operators, in the industry.
This gives Landstar the opportunity to work with all types of customers that move all types of freight including Van, Temperature Controlled, Platform and Specialized. 
Encourage and support the American dream of business ownership. 
A Landstar Owner Operator’s title is BCO. (Business Capacity Owner) and they are the CEOs of their business.  They are in complete control of dispatch, deciding when, where and how they run, making Landstar 100% Non-Forced dispatch. 
Utilize technology to simplify the task of securing loads.


  • Landstar’s load board has thousands of loads posted daily with features that allow the BCO to make quick, yet smart load selections. 
  • Landstar’s automated load alert system alerts the BCO on loads that meet their specific criteria, without them having to watch the load board.
    Both applications are web based, extremely user friendly and very powerful.

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Is Landstar a true non-forced dispatch company?

“You should only consider Landstar if you want complete control of your dispatch.”
Landstar is a 100% non-forced dispatch company. A Landstar owner operator’s title is BCO (Business Capacity Owner) and they are the CEO of their business. A BCO plans their schedule, decides which loads to haul, when to go home and how long to stay.
The foundation of Landstar’s business model supports the great American dream of business ownership and is dedicated in providing the support you need to succeed. 

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How much and what kind of freight does Landstar offer?

Thousands of loads are available daily and many are the best paying freight in the industry. It is Landstar’s agent network that is tasked with selling Landstar freight services. There are more than a 1000 independent sales agencies spread across North America, bringing on new customers each day into the Landstar system. 
Landstar agents offer customers a wide variety of trailing equipment, including: Van, Platform, Temperature Controlled and Specialized equipment and they provide assurance that the freight is be handled by the safest owner operators in the industry. 

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Does Landstar offer a lease purchase program?

No, Landstar does not offer a lease purchase program.
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