Does Landstar Own Trucks?

No. However, Landstar’s exclusive-use capacity consists of more than 8,500 business capacity owners and operators and 14,000 pieces of trailing equipment. They are at your disposal  ready to handle your toughest transportation challenges. 

Can Landstar drop empty trailers at my shipping location?


Do I have to work with the Landstar agent in my area?

No. Landstar agents do not have territory boundaries. Call us or click here for a rate quote.

Where does Landstar ship?

Anywhere. Landstar can ship worldwide including the 48 states, Alaska, Hawaii and services to Canada and Mexico, using a variety of transporation modes (Tractor/Trailer, Rail, Ocean and Air) 

Does Landstar Offer Team Expedited Service?


Can Landstar haul Hazardous Materials?

Yes, All 8500+ operators are Hazmat certified.


What are the minimum requirements for both the driver and the equipment?

Driver: Click here

Tractor: The tractor does not have to be any particular make, year, model or color.  However, it must be capable of functioning with an Electronic Onboard Recorder (EOBR). Also, the tractor must pass an inspection at a Landstar approved facility.

Is Landstar "percentage pay" or "per mile” pay?

Owner/operators are compensated based on a fixed percentage of the revenue generated from the freight they haul.  Tractor only: 65%  Tractor Trailer: 72% - 75%, depending on trailer type. 

I heard that the driver must have an exceptional record and it's nearly impossible to get approved?

Landstar is a “safety before service” company, therefore each driver must have the same attitude toward safety. Landstar Owner Operators are among the safest drivers in the industry. Also, Landstar is the largest Owner Operator based trucking company in the United States with over 8,500 approved drivers.

Can I see the actual freight that Landstar has to offer?

Yes, Landstar offers load board demonstrations daily. Contact us to participate in a demonstration. 

Am I really going to be able to decide which loads I take and when I go home?


Why must I obtain a Hazmat Endorsement if I don't plan to haul it?

Hazmat freight is always available and it is often among the best paying freight. However, you do not have to haul it.